Thursday, 9 August 2012

Why use the Term "Abuja Girls"

I don't understand why people use the term "Abuja Girls" in a Negative way? when you hear that what comes after it is they like money, and they can sleep with anything just for money. In my opinion that's so wrong. Is there anyone in this world who doesn't like money or haven't we heard of the saying "Money makes the world go round" its a medium of exchange we can't do without money as far as the world is concerned. 
  I live in Abuja and have also lived in Lagos which is my birth state, and been to some states where i schooled and i believe we have the same kind of people everywhere. So i don't  understand why Abuja Girls should be stigmatized. As a single girl living i Abuja i must say its pretty tough keeping a good relationship here because most guys here feel all the single independent ladies here sleep around with married men and politicians for money. But its not so, Most girls here work so hard for their money because, the cost of living Abuja is so high people have to work 2 jobs or run 2 businesses to survive. There are ladies who are bankers who have shops where they sell clothes, shoes bags, accessories, frozen foods, bakeries and Drinking-bars and small restaurants etc..  If you don't have a substitute job or business it would be so hard for you to cope with your salary.
    Now what these ignorant people who believe every girl in Abuja is a Runs girl don't know is that there are girls who come into this town with the same ignorant mindset thinking  they can sleep with politicians and they'll be made or they can be with one or two guys and they'll be given a huge sum of money to go to Dubai buy stuff and  comeback to sell, or by the time the meet one money miss road he'll buy them a car and they'll become big girls automatically. That's wrong 
cos the same way these girls are plotting their strategy is the same way the ignorant guys are plotting theirs too, by lying to these girls that they are who they're not and telling the girls they'll take care of them when in actual sense they won't. All they  just want is to sleep with you and start avoiding your calls. At the end you see that the people who they term Abuja girls aren't even Abuja girls, because they are Hustlers who came to seek greener pastures here.

      A typical Abuja girl who has her family values ,and those who are working or running their businesses i don't think sleeping around with men for money is not an option. My reason for writing this is that i would like people to change their perception about the girls in Abuja, So that they can respected and valued by the men here and those who come to visit. Because so many young ladies are suffering from this stigmatization by the lack of commitments in their relationships.  Please NOT all "ABUJA GIRLS" are Runs Girls. thank you.

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