Friday, 30 November 2012

Rihanna Posts Picture of Her Kissing Chris....

Tender moment: Rihanna posted a photo to her Twitter page which sees her wrapping her arms around Chris Brown's neck and kissing him

Tender moment: Rihanna posted a photo to her Twitter page which sees her wrapping her arms around Chris Brown’s neck and kissing him
The tender image shows Rihanna wrapping her arms around Chris’ neck was he keeps his head down and she nuzzles into him.
Chris crouches on a sofa while Rihanna is cross-legged beside him and leans into him, sporting tiny white shorts and a matching top.
She wrote alongside the telling photo: ‘I dont wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!’

Help! I'm in Love With my husbands Sister....

My Name is Blessing, i have been married to Husband since 2008 and we are blessed with a son who would be turning 2 soon. My hubby is a business man, and travels abroad to buy the goods he sells in Idumota Market here in Lagos.

My affair with his sister started in 2010, 2years into my marriage, She comes to the house to help me out with the chores and take care of my baby, whenever her brother is out of town. I'm a few months older than she is, that has made us even closer because we get to talk about anything to everything. She gist's me about all her sexual escapades and experiences.

On this this faithful Friday we were home as usual gisting then she brought up a topic about her experience with lesbians in the hostel and how they make advances towards her. i got so interested in this gist that i started asking her questions about what they do (since i have never had the experience before) then she told me she was going to demonstrate it on my body. so i told her i didn't mind that was how she started fondling with my breast and kissing me. Now my problem is we have gotten so used to each other and because we spend time together i'm falling in love with her what do i do? how do i confront my husband. i just want her, i don't have the same feelings i used to have for my husband i think my feeling for him has depreciated. Please Help Me! 

INsANITY! 47 year Old Man Sexually Assaultls his 12yrs old daughter!!!

A 47-year-old father, Godwin Allu has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment with hard labour by a Benin Chief Magistrate’s Court for defiling his 12-year-old daughter.
The convict, was accused of unlawfully having devouring his daughter on Nov. 20, at 19 Omono Street, off Stadium road, Benin City.
According to the prosecutor, his offence contravened section 208 of the Criminal Code, cap 48 Vol .11 of the defunct Bendel State of Nigeria, 1976, which is applicable to the present Edo state.
The minor had earlier testified that her biological father had slept with her countless times at different occasions.
The victim, who had blood stains on her school uniform, told her headteacher at Obaseki Primary School, Benin of her ordeal in the hands of her sex-crazed dad.
The headteacher later reported the case at the Airport Police Station, also in Benin, leading to his summon in court.
He pleaded guilty and begged for leniency.
The Chief Magistrate, Mr. Peter Obaseki, while delivering her judgment yesterday, described the heinous act as cruel for which the accused deserved no mercy.
He said, “That the accused had carnal knowledge with a 12-year-old child on three separate occasions is bad enough.
“It is heart rendering that he was doing it with his own daughter, who even had blood stains on her uniform on the day this incest was reported.
“The case of sexual offence in this jurisdiction is not only increasing, but that of parents defiling their own daughters is also becoming common knowledge,” the Magistrate said.
Obaseki said, “it is necessary that the court join other stakeholders in taking a serious stand in order to wipe out this monster before the society’s moral fabric is completely destroyed.
“For this reason, the convict must be put out of circulation for sometime so that he would not be able to continue with his bestial activities.
“It is my prayer that God will forgive and change him for the better while in prison.
“In the circumstance, the convict is sentenced to seven years imprisonment with hard labour. There shall be no option of fine.”
The court also ordered the victim to be taken to an orphanage for care and protection.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Tonto Dike and Mercy Johnson In a Messy Fight!

Tonto Dikeh, who recently had a messy fight with star actress Mercy Johnson, has confirmed the rift.
Tonto Dike who claims Mercy Johnson is not just her type, said she had let go of everything that transpired between them.
In a recent interview, when questioned on why she chose not to attend Mercy Johnson’s wedding, here is what the actress said: “That’s not the reason I didn’t attend her wedding. “It’s surprising, why people think you just have to be everybody’s friend.
“In the industry, I don’t know half of the producers and I work for them,I don’t even know half of my colleagues but I work with them.
“I kiss and hug them on set. We flow, we enjoy the friendship on set based on the energy and connection that exists between myself and the next person on set but that does not mean we are friends in the real sense of it. You can’t just be a friend to everybody, it’s a normal thing. Mercy Johnson is not just my friend.”
When asked about a serious fight she allegedly had with Mercy Johnson, here is what the actress said: “Even if I had, I had let go everything. It doesn’t really matter to me anymore. Everybody is doing well, it’s just because we are not close. We only did about two or three movies together. We have never been close friends.”

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

$5,000 Stolen In Chris Oyakhilome's Vault !

Click for Full Image SizeUgly rumours emanating from the Believers Love World (BLW) popularly known as Christ Embassy headquarters, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos is more than shocking if it is anything to go by. Impeccable sources exclusively revealed to Enquirer Magazine that the church headquarters, which is the venue of their annual International Conference IPPC, is currently being shaken to its root due to the $5,000 US dollars that was cleverly stolen from the Central Finance Department on Tuesday, November 13, 2012.

One of the staff members who pleaded anonymity said Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, his serving pastors and other key members are still shocked at the disappearance of the money which was supposed to be in the custody of the Finance Department.

"These people will never change ! they keep soiling our image, imagine now that we have international  delegates around is when such terrible thing is happening," the angry church member lamented.

The source further revealed that the money was mysteriously transferred from the Finance Department without following due process or accounted for and accusing fingers have directed to some of the trusted hands of Pastor Chris as investigations have began.

"The rumour is that the atrocity must have been perpetuated by one of Pastor’s most trusted hands who’s a senior staff of the department and that is why members of the finance department are doing everything possible to keep it under check until the programme ends," he added.

We also gathered that the Finance department is now being extra careful as this is not the first case of alleged theft since the programme started. We promise to keep you posted on this as efforts to get an official reaction on the story proved abortive as at press time. 

Unprotected séx causes cervical cancer – Gynaecologist

An Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Consultant, Dr. Olaleye Olalekan, has warned women against unprotected séx and multiple séxual partners, saying it causes Human Papilloma Virus, which always leads to cervical cancer..
Speaking at a health awareness seminar on the theme, “Prevention and Early Detection of Cervical Cancer,” organised by Lagoon Hospitals in Lagos on Friday, Olaleye said the disease is séxually transmitted  and  peculiar to women.
According to him, abnormal menstrual bleeding, bleeding during séxual contact or after menopause remain the symptoms of cervical cancer over the years.
“Human Papilloma Virus, which is responsible for cervical cancer, genital warts and vaginal, vulvar, anal and penile cancers is the most common séxually transmitted disease, infecting about 80 per cent of young women within five years of becoming séxually active. An estimated 630 million women worldwide are infected.
“This virus is spread during séx from contact with the sores, or lesions, that develop around infected cells.
“Often, the virus is killed by the immune system, but in some people HPV can take hold and cause lesions that can turn cancerous years later,” he noted.
Olaleye, however, urged women observing symptoms of HPV to seek medical attention early to avoid complications. He added, “HPV vaccines are always recommended in pre-pubertal girls.
“Also surgery and radiotherapy are other remedies that are suitable for cervical cancer if the victim seeks medical rescue as early as possible.”
Earlier, the Managing Director, Lagoon Hospitals, Ikeja, Dr. Olajide Ojo, stated that the hospital decided to intervene and educate the public on salient health issues due to increasing late presentation of terminal diseases.
Ojo admonished Nigerians to prioritise their health and not allow the cost of medi-care  to discourage them from seeking quality care.
“In this country, screening services are readily available and accessible. So, why should our women continue to die of cervical cancer,” he added.
Also speaking on Prostate Cancer, a consultant urologist, Dr. Andrew Mene, said the disease only affect men above 50 years of age but some cases have been recorded in younger men.
Mene noted that though smoking increases the risk of developing the disease, the cause of prostate cancer has not been established.
He noted that prostate cancer is yet to be linked with séxually- transmitted disease. “Most prostate cancer cases are growing slowly. The symptoms include blood in the urine, seizure in urine flow, loss of appetite, weight loss and bone pains.
“Patients with these symptoms must visit medical experts or a hospital on time for either surgery or radiotherapy,” he added.

Baby Dies After Being Beaten By The Family Pet...

The family of a baby boy who died after being bitten by a dog in Shropshire say they have been left "absolutely devastated" by the infant's death.
Harry Harper died in hospital on Tuesday morning after paramedics were called out to a house in Woodside Road in Ketley, near Telford.
He had reportedly been with his mother at his grandparents' house when he was attacked by the family-owned dog.
In a statement, the family said: "We are absolutely devastated by Harry's death and have no words to describe the loss we have suffered.
"At the present time, we have no wish to speak publicly about yesterday's events and would ask that we are left in peace to grieve and begin to deal with our loss."
Initial indications suggested Harry, who was just eight days old, died after being bitten by the Jack Russell.
'Devastating' Loss Of Baby Boy Bitten By DogPolice emphasised that Harry was not mauled by the animal, which has now been put down.
West Mercia Police are continuing to investigate the precise circumstances of the newborn's death as they await the result of a post-mortem examination.
Detective Chief Inspector Neil Jamieson said: "Our investigation is ongoing but it appears that the baby died as a result of a dog bite.
"The dog in question was a family pet - a Jack Russell - and this animal has been put down.
"A post-mortem will be taking place to establish the exact cause of this baby's death but at this stage it does appear to be a tragic accident.
"With an investigation ongoing, there is no further comment I can make on this matter apart from to say that all our thoughts are with the family of the baby at this extremely sad time."
The emergency services were called to the house just before 8am and Harry was taken to Princess Royal Hospital in Telford.
Efforts to save him were made by the ambulance crew at the scene and on the way to the hospital.
Residents in the local area were reluctant to speak to the media about the tragedy, which is reported to have happened at the home of his mother's parents.
One neighbour, who declined to give her name, said: "It's very, very sad.
"Losing a baby must be heart-breaking however it happens and they need to be left to grieve."

Funny Pics!

"You Are Not A Big Girl If You Are Not A Producer"...Nolly Wood Slogan!

Its no news that most of our Nollywood actresses are fast becoming movie producers which we understand is a trend in the industry.
      So if you are an actress, But not yet a producer Sorry! You are Not a "Big Girl.

Click for Full Image SizeWuraola Adeseha who is an actress and features in most Yoruba movies had this to say about the mentality our Nollywood actresses have.

She said that most up coming actresses, who hadn't even worked for a year or perfected their acting talent are already working towards becoming movie producers, barely 6months after getting into the movie industry.
 Most of these actresses already have a target of producing two or more movies in a year. They even go as far as sleeping with politicians or business Moguls to raise funds to produce movies. 

In Wuraola's words " Honestly i do not feel like being a producer now, but if you spend 2 years in the industry and you do not produce a movies people would start saying you are not progressing and that you are stagnant. That is what they do in this industry. You know the saying that goes if you can't beat them you join them. Since i am in the system and i do not want to be seen as one who is not progressing i have decided to join the train, since thats the only way the get to see you as a Big Girl".

A typical Example of Actresses Turned Producers are:-

Uche Jumbo
Nse Ikpe
Stella Damascus
Ini Edo
Rita Dominic

speaking of actresses turned producers, Rita dominic posted this on her time line on twitter;

Good morning tweeties... It's Silverbird Abuja today to sell some popcorn & tickets to The Meeting

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Are David Beckham And Victoria Moving Back to England?

An insider says Posh recently viewed "four multi-million pound properties in the space of six hours" and has "fallen in love with a £10 million ($16.03 million) mansion named Whornes Place," which was rented by Brad Pitt and Angelina jolie last year.

 Since David is "retiring" from the El Lay Galaxy they don't have much of a reason to stay in the states. Plus, Dave has been vocal about wanting to raise his mini-mes under the watchful eye of the Queen. So.. yeah. They're probably going for good.

Unemployment Can Increase the Risk Of A Heart Attack!

So many Young men and Women between the ages of 25-50are at a high risk of having a heart attack, because of the high Unemployment rate we have here in Nigeria, and a Lot of People have lost their Jobs in one way or another, a typical example is with the way Banks just lay off their staff without warnings.

I have heard of two young people in their late 20's who have suffered minor strokes and a young woman who suffered a heart attack.

Whether you are unemployed or not, you need to stop smoking, eat right and exercise daily or a few times a week, Maintaining a healthy weight is very essential.

And if you have lost your job try to limit stress, and reduce the way you think about your situation of being unemployed; You may not be to change your situation at the moment but you can control the way you think about it and that would affect your Healths outcome.

We can not take this vital organ for granted, as no one is immune to heart disease, But the heart disease is very preventable.

Take Note of these Preventable Measures:-

1. Cultivate a Positive attitude:- Try to take your mind off thinking too much by listening to music, or writing or taking a walk, going swimming etc look for something that would interest you and get involved in it.

2. Create a healthy eating schedule:- skipping meals is never a good idea, Get intothe habit of eating three meals per day with snacks, Eating  every 3-5 hours can help you keep your appetite controlled.

3. Brighten Your Plate Naturally:- The foundation of every meal should be fruits and Veggies. They are high in fibre to help fill you up, but they're not high in Calories.

Think Less And Play More; And You'll Find out more about Yourself and what you really need to do to make a living.

Man Sets Wife Ablaze by Forcing Her To Drink Fuel!

Pandemonium broke out in Aba, the commercial hub of Abia State at the weekend when a man set his wife ablaze for complaining to her sister-in-law on phone about the husband’s alleged maltreatment . The suspect later reported himself to the police. The man, whose name was given as Ndubuisi Okafor, a trailer driver, who hails from Amawbia, Awka in Anambra State, had allegedly been having quarrels with the wife for sometime now.
Okafor, who owns two trailers, was reported to have severally accused her wife of being too religious which he claimed, prevented him from making good money. He was alleged to have even destroyed the wife’s Bible. A source revealed that two days to the incident, the woman, Chinyere, 40, who hailed from Obingwu Asa in Ukwa West Local Government of Abia State, had complained to the husband that she was sick and needed initially money to buy some drugs, which the husband refused.
This prompted Chinyere to call her sister-in-law on phone to complain about it and other related issues which did not go down well with the man. Okafor, according to the source, later gave the wife money for the drugs and travelled to Port Harcourt. When Okafor came back from his journey the following day he met his wife cooking and went inside the kitchen to confront her over the phone call to his sister. The man did not accept his wife’s explanations. He allegedly pounced on his wife, who had three boys for him and attacked her.
After beating the wife to stupor, Okafor allegedly forced her to drink some litres of fuel, poured some on her body before dumping his wife, into a big rubber container before setting her ablaze. Neighbours who were attracted to the apartment by the woman’s cry for help broke into their flat, put out the fire before rushing the lady to hospital. The first hospital she was taken to rejected her due to the high degree of burns she sustained.
But it was at the Living Word Mission Hospital where she was admitted and given first aid treatment and referred to UNTH, Enugu. It was on their way to UNTH at Osisioma, about two kilometres from the hospital, the woman died. Four hospitals allegedly rejected the body being deposited at their mortuary because it was badly damaged. When Okafor learnt the wife had died, he reported himself to the Timber Police Station where he reportedly told the police it was his wife that set herself ablaze. Relations of the deceased are alleging that the man killed their sister for rituals.
According to the woman’s elder sister, Nkechinyere Nwogu, “before the incident, Okafor had severally told my sister he needed money at all costs and that the wife had been the stumbling block, and he even destroyed her Bible. “Presently, we the family members don’t know where the body of my sister is because four hospitals rejected her body to be deposited in their mortuary due to its very bad state.”
When our correspondent visited 45 Azubuike Street by Uratta /Express junction residence of the couple, the building was deserted by their neighbours over fear of massive arrest by the police. As at Press time, the suspect was still being detained at the Timber Police Station.
- SunNewsOnline

Are Most Marriages Still Safe?

While a lot of people are anxious to find their soulmate and get married, and some others are getti ng married every weekend. Some Married few are getting divorced. And Some Crazy people are Killing Their spouses.

The Question Now becomes Are Marriages Still Safe?

A Woman Stabbed Her Husband To Death For Suspicions of Infidelity 

Editth Okoji w ho is a 24 year old nursing mum and also a mother of 3  from Ahoda- East in Rivers state.

Resides in Abakiliki with her family where she had a domestic fight with her deceased husband Mr onyenel Okoji over suspisions of infidelity.

According to police reports, she said her husband suspected her of cheating on him which lead to an argument between them, And She blamed the devil for pushing her into stabbing her husband to death.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Catholics Withdraw From CAN(Christian Association Of Nigeria)

L'archevêque d'Abuja , Mgr John Onaiyekan.

Dissatisfied with the Poor Administration of the christian association of Nigeria (CAN), Under the leadership of Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, the President of the Catholic Bishop Conference of Nigeria, Archbishop Ignatius kaigama at the end of the 2nd Pastoral Congress in Abuja Suspended Catholics participation in the activities of the association at the National level but will still remain active at the state level.

If The Nigerian Armed Forces Can't Defend Themselves, What Happens to Civilians?

DailyPost Question of the Week: Will the monetary reward placed on Boko Haram leaders lead to their arrest?
A day after A Protestant church was Bombed by 2 suspected suicide Bombers inside the Armed forces Command And Staff College Jaji  in Igbabi local government area of Kaduna State, Killing and Injuring People.

Another Attack was Launched at The SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad) Headquarters in Federal Capital Territory, Abuja  this morning at about 10am. Shots were Fired into the air killing one inspector and injuring a few. Some members of the Boko Haram who were arrested were Also Freed.

A BRT Bus Just Fell Into Lagos Lgoon This Morning

BRT Buses  We would Recall that the 3rd Mainland Bridge was closed down temporarily for repairs, 3months ago and was later re-opened on the 6th of November.

A BRT Bus this morning drove off  the 3rd mainland Bridge this morning falling into the Lagos Lagoon. Thr FRSC (Federal Road Safety  Tweeted this Morning "A fully Loaded BRT Bus fell off the 3rd mainland Bridge into the Lagos Lagoon 26-11-12. Rescue work in Progress Motorists be cautious.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Rihana Posts Topless Pics of Chris Brown!

Chris Brown & Rihanna seemingly spent last night together as Riri posted a topless photo of her ex on her Instagram account.

Most Young Men In Abuja Are Gold-diggers!

 A gold-digger is one who always wants more than he has, and is never satisfied with any amount of money given to him because he wants to Live a  kind of lifestyle he can't afford.

Have you ever suspected you boy friend or toaster of being more interested in your money than in you? Here are some tips in Spotting a Gold-Digger:-

1. He is interested in your financial Stability: The moment a gold-digger spots you, the first question he asks you after you introduce yourselves, is where do you work or what you do for a living. Most of these young men know how much every Para-stats, Ministry, Banks or Private firms Pay their Staff.

2. Gold-diggers complain about their bills or financial Problems: Many of them know better than to ask you to fund their more Luxurious tastes, in the beginning they hold unto your willingness to help them afford the things they need like food, shelter, airtime for their phones, transport fare. So that they can spend their own money on the things they want.

3. A gold-digger would rather buy the latest Toyota Camry or Honda, and squat with friends instead of renting their own apartments, they might even suggest moving in with you.

4. Gold- diggers believes that they deserve to be treated well at your own expense.

5. When they tell you about their financial problems and you suggest ways in which they can make money fast, by selling their most priced possessions like their luxury cars or expensive shoes or Blackberry or I phones, That can keep them from becoming homeless or Jobless. They would get so mad at you and even call you an enemy of progress. and even see the idea as Ludicrous.

6. A Gold-digger knows your worth and the value of every clothe, shoe or jewelry you have. they know the names of all the designers available, a gold-digger can tell when you buy something new. He starts asking you how much you bought the bag or shoe.

7. A gold-digger Knows when you are paid your salary, he starts frowning expecting you to ask him what the problem is. When he knows you have money that's when he tables all the problems he has.

8. Gold-diggers have a grandiose sense of self importance, they exaggerate achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without achievements.

9. They are preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, Power, Brilliance and beauty.

10. A gold-digger believes he is special and Unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with
other special or high status people ( like daughters of politicians, minister and the elites).

11. A gold-digger would give u 10k and collect a 100k from you.


If you find yourself dating more gold-diggers, then you should be mindful of the places you have been visiting and the way you present yourself  to the people u meet.
watch out for people who go long periods without jobs, or claim to be agents(their money don't come frequently)
Many gold-diggers won't let go off a relationship until they find a more lucrative one to hang on to.

I wish us all good luck in choosing our Mr. Right cos not all that glitters is Gold. Most guys today are after what they can get in the long-run not what they can give.

Having private jet in the midst of poverty is a show of wealth

Joining the league of those blaming the popular preacher for his latest acquisition of a private jet, the Bishop of the Diocese of Ife, Anglican Communion, Rt. Rev. Oluwole Odubogun, has said that having a private jet in the midst of poverty and want is a ‘show of wealth.’
The cleric said this at a programme of the diocese tagged “Carnival for Christ 2012″ on Saturday. He affirmed that the action of the CAN president was against the doctrine of the gospel.
He said, “Having a private jet in the midst of want, in the midst of poverty and in the midst of all kinds of deprivation is a show of wealth, which is not precisely in consonance with the gospel.
“According to the gospel, those who have should share with those who do not have. When you are riding in a jet, you don’t know what is happening to the other people on the street. You are on your own.
“Whether the public transportation system is adequately taken care of you don’t know, because you have cut yourself off from the people whom you are supposed to guide and emancipate.”
The bishop added, “Let us say you need the jet to get to places on time. But the gospel is not meant for one person. It is not meant for one leader. There is no reason why you are the only one to go everywhere. And if you don’t have to go everywhere, you don’t need a jet.
“You will need a jet when you are running your private business. You will need a jet if you are the only one to oversee what is happening. As far as the gospel is concerned, God is in control. And God, who is in control, is giving us a message to disciple all nations.
“If you are preaching salvation which the gospel is all about, I don’t think you need a jet.

Whats Your Opinion on these arguments about Pastors And Jets?

Oritsejafor recently acquired a Canadian-made Bombardier jet with US registration number N431CB, manufactured in 1994.
It was presented to the cleric at an elaborate party that commemorated his 40th year in the vineyard of God. The jet is worth $3.5m, making him to join the likes of Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) and Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church, famously known as Winners’ Chapel who own private jets.
While some Christians maintain that the Apostles of the Most High have committed no crime in their acquisitions, others are saying that it is quite unreasonable for a cleric whose members are living from hands to mouth in the church to acquire such an expensive jet, describing it as ‘signs of the end time’.
In his reaction, Convener of the Save Nigeria Group (SNG) and founder of Later Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunder Bakare recently lambasted Oritsejafor and other men of God with private jets, saying that they should give account of their wealth or be ‘jailed and burnt in hell’.
Hear him, “I am not inciting the public against the church and the mosque, but the congregation must demand explanation from their leaders. They must demand to know where they are getting the money. If it is not from the church offering, then it is from Abuja. All general overseers must go to prison. If the revolution does not begin in the church, it cannot spread; if it does not begin in the mosque, it will not spread, because they control the population.”
However, chairman of the Northern Christian Elders Forum, Evangelist Matthew Owojaiye, said Bakare’s comments should be ignored. The cleric said Bakare is a confused and frustrated preacher.
Also throwing his weight behind the ‘Nigerian Jet Owners Pastors Association’, the General Overseer of Jos-based Evangelical Bible Outreach Ministries International, Apostle Isa El-Buba said that there’s nothing wrong for pastors to own private jets, stressing that Bakare’s condemnation of these labourers in the Lord’s house was blasphemous.
According to El-Buba, “There is nothing wrong for a preacher to own a jet. If people in the secular world can acquire jets for chief executive officers of big private enterprises, there is nothing wrong in giving gifts to a man of God of Pastor Oritsejafor’s standing. This is a man of God that travels across the whole world. He deserves what he has been given.”
In the same vein, the General Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Reverend Musa Asake, thrashed Bakare, saying: “What is wrong with giving a gift to Pastor Oritsejafor? Did Pastor Oritsejafor embezzle church money? Did he collect somebody’s money? Some people came together and bought it for him so as to ease his work. This is to help him to continue with the work of the gospel. Oritsejafor is a man of God. He is doing everything for the work of God… It is a welcome idea. I support people who help ministers of the gospel in their work. He did not go out to lobby for it. It was a surprise for him. I was at that occasion. I saw things myself,” he argued.
Also, a renowned Christian leader and President of the Delta State Baptist Conference, Reverend Gideon Oyibo, backed Pastor Oritsejafor, saying there was nothing wrong with such gesture. According to him, “The environment influences the way people talk. If you come from a family background of poverty and a member of the family is rich, people will conclude that he is a ritualist. They will conclude that he has stolen money, because in that family, the members do not expect anybody to be rich… In Nigeria, we have a traditional environment in which a pastor is expected to operate by our own evaluation. Whenever a pastor is living above our own evaluation, then we can say anything about that person… The question we should ask is that: did Pastor Oritsejafor ask for the jet? Did he beg for it? Or was it that certain people gathered together under the leading of God and decided to buy it and present it to him as a gift?”
Flaying Oritsejafor and other men of God who own private jets, the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Most Rev Matthew Kukah recently said acquisition of private jets by preachers weakens the moral voice of the church in the fight against corruption in the nation.
According to the bishop, “The stories of corrupt men and women being given recognition by their churches or mosques as gallant sons and daughters and the embarrassing stories of pastors displaying conspicuous wealth as we hear from the purchases of private jets and so on clearly diminish our moral voice.”
“CAN has become more visible in relation to national prayer sessions, pilgrimages, alliances with state power and so on.
“Unless we distance ourselves, we cannot speak the truth to power. We cannot hear the wails of the poor and the weak. We should not be seen as playing the praying wing of the party in power.” He added.
Meanwhile, the Concerned Northern Nigerian Christians (CNNC) on Tuesday rose in support of Bishop Mathew Hassan Kukah who described the acquisition of private jets by Christian leaders as an embarrassment to Christianity.
CNNC in a statement through its spokesperson, Peter Yahuda said lampooning Bishop Kukah over his stance on the acquisition of private jets by Christian clerics is not fair.
It said: “As concerned Christians of Northern Nigerian extraction, we find it expedient to respond to the unbecoming words credited to one Elder Sunday Oibe, who claims to be speaking on behalf of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) as its Director of Research, Planning and Strategy.
“Oibe denigrated Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah over recent views he expressed regarding acquisition of private jets by some Nigerian Christians leaders, which he described as an embarrassment to Christianity considering the perilous times we are in.
“For the avoidance of doubt, Sunday Oibe acted wrongly and grossly confirms our fears as to the relegation of our honest, unifying and most coveted association (CAN) and her true ideals as carefully laid down by her founding fathers,” he said.
When the founder and General Superintendent of Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor Kumuye was asked on his stance when Pastor E.A Adeboye acquired a private jet a few years back, the respected holiness preacher and teacher said: “It depends on individuals, if a church says their need is a private jet, why not? For our ministry, private jet is not yet our priority . When the need arises, we may go for it, but not now.” He said.
DailyPost spoke with some Nigerians who aired their views on the matter.
Yusuf Adio (student)
For me, I’m not a Christian and I think it is not right at all. Does that mean the church doesn’t have other pressing needs. Are there no widows or orphans in the church? These men of God don’t do other jobs elsewhere, they live on church’s tithes and offering, so how do they make their money?
Dem go thief? It is not right. I think the government should call them to order.

Pastor Emmanuel Echeija –Assistant Pastor, Jesus the Way of Salvation Christian Church International, Lagos:
I’m not surprised because bible says in the end many false Prophets shall arise. The end-time is absolutely here and we should be prepared for the Lord’s coming. It is uncalled for and absolutely wrong for a man of God to acquire a jet. Is that what the white men who brought Christianity to us did or still doing? This is fraudulent at the highest order. Just like Pastor Bakare said, they should be jailed.
Suleman Babatunde: You are asking if it is wrong for a man of God to acquire a private jet? I think you are a Christian. Do you even have a bicycle? I think you pay tithe and offering regularly? Leave the rest for your conscience to judge you.
Joy Chijoke (Tailor):
I’m a member of Living Faith and I see nothing wrong with it. Do you know how many times they travel? So you want pastors like Daddy Oyedepo, Daddy G.O (referring to Adeboye) to go to the airport and board a plane? To hell with critics, if it takes selling my clothes, I will do cause these men of God have touched my life in several ways.
Saide Olaitan (Vulcanizer):
I don’t have any right to condemn any man of God. We shall know who is who on the last day. I’m not a Christian and I don’t want to say anything.
Jenifer Arowosegbe (Student)
We should stop covering up in this country. How many members does Oritsejafor have in his church? We all know that President Jonathan bought him the jet. They should stop confusing us in this country.
Rachel Adikwu (Banker): If e dey pain you go buy your own and leave men of God to enjoy their lives before God go strike you with thunder.
Esther Adams: Judge not so that you wont be judged

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Competition is masculine while collaboration is feminine.

Some women say that we compete for men. A woman who says that is not feminine because women don't compete for men, but men compete for women.

This is because generally, it's the woman who does the choosing and the man who does the approaching. So the man wants to be better than all of her other options.

The feminine woman is simply receptive and gives each man a fair chance before judging and deciding that he is not worth her. The feminine woman does not compete with other women for men, but chooses the best man for her out of those who do compete for her.

It's the masculine male's job to compete with other men and it's our job to improve ourselves as best as we can while still staying true to ourselves so that we can attract the attention of the men we desire.

For the feminine woman, it's not about becoming better than other women to attract the best men. It's about becoming the best us we can be while also staying true to ourselves so that we can attract men of the most quality who want someone with our quirks.

Feminine women don't think about it as beating out other women and becoming prettier and smarter than they. Feminine women think about it as competing with themselves, becoming the best that they can be. Because the intelligent feminine woman knows that no matter how beautiful, feminine, and accomplished she may be, there will still be high-quality men who prefer a different flavor.

 So why compete with other women?

Compete with yourselves to become the best that you can be to get good masculine men competing for you.

Remember that masculine men compete while feminine women collaborate.

So while we're at it, improving ourself, lets share these tips and tricks with our girlfriends so that they too can inspire competition in the best males? Help our friends find love with a masculine partner as well. That's what the feminine woman does!

Another Great Piece From Dele Momodu

Time to build a modern Nigeria (Part IV)

Fellow Nigerians, please permit me to thank all those who have responded to this serialised analysis of what we need to do as a nation to move our great country forward. What makes our country beautiful are the majority of the people who have demonstrated how endowed we are globally. It is one of those ironies of life that the giant strides of Nigeria worldwide are not easy to replicate at home because of the many man-made obstacles deliberately erected by those who profit from confusion and backwardness as well as the manacles we’ve been chained down with like dogs.
I’m glad to note that most of the commentators appreciate this modest effort at throwing up a robust debate and proffering solutions to gargantuan problems that have defied all permutations. True we all know what should be done but lack the will and determination to make it happen.  We must continue to educate and remind ourselves about those ideas that rescued other places from our type of madness. Many countries had walked this route before and there is so much to learn and emulate from them. We cannot continue to maintain a monopoly of bad manners. Even if we were cursed, we should have exorcised the evil spirit by now.
There is nothing too difficult about fixing our problems, as I have noted repeatedly. The problem lies in the unwillingness of our leaders to compromise and downgrade their personal comfort. We have given a new nomenclature and meaning to the idea of governance and service in Nigeria, and no one, including the former radicals, is willing to risk or alter that new status of a privilegentsia. The situation is now so bad and tragic that Nigerians have written off every critic as a hypocrite waiting to partake in the orgiastic despoliation of Nigeria. Can you really blame the cynics when none of the members of the so-called progressive parties has ever rejected the atrocious funds being distributed like a bazaar in a church harvest?
The National Assembly that should check the excesses of our reckless and lawless executive cannot in good conscience speak up against the profligacy at the highest level because their self-awarded budget and personal emoluments are beyond reason in a country where most of our youths are practically jobless. Where lies the hope for a better tomorrow when civil servants are owed for months but the fat cats at the top, including those in the same civil service, still find the means to live big in the middle of indescribable poverty and frustration? The solution is simple and straight forward. Our leaders must strive to redistribute the wealth that it has pleased God to grant our nation.
I have watched, and listened to, our President. He speaks like someone who really wants to succeed but lacks the courage to fight the cankerworm that made others before him to fail. You cannot use the same fake methods and strategies and hope to record monumental success. It requires vision, determination, total commitment, the courage of a lion, selflessness, sacrifice, all rolled into one. It is not the type of psychedelic and discofied enjoyment that our leaders are addicted to. We must show the world that we are ready to change the way we run things here. Our champagne lifestyle must give way to the simplicity of an African village. There is elegance in simplicity and a poor man cannot continue to live in denial and false grandeur. Until we cure ourselves of this malady Nigeria is going nowhere but ultimately down the slope.
The key to building a modern Nigeria is in our ability to change the heartlessness of those who see power only as an invitation to treat. We can take all the loans we want, both foreign and local, it will never improve the lives of our people, if we do not know what to do with it. We have enough resources to turn things around for the better but it will never be sufficient for the greed of those who want to own the heavens and the earth.  The way our governments are amassing loans as if it is going out of vogue suggests we’ve not learnt useful lessons from the past. These loans, I’m certain, will never be judiciously used to transform a nation that’s badly in need of restoration and transformation. It is so sad that a few people can hold their country by the jugular, strangulate it and as it is dying, rape it so mercilessly and repeatedly.
I pray and hope that the Head of our Economic Team will find the voice to tell her colleagues about the stupidity in mortgaging the future of unborn Nigerians by the latest rash of raising all manner of meaningless loans. Why do we announce budgets in trillions if we have no money to fund it? Why do we award contracts in billions to irresponsible people who have no intention of carrying out the work to acceptable standards, if they do it at all? Why can’t we put an end to this obvious drift to perdition? These are questions begging for answers and which must be addressed by a leader who hopes to succeed.
The promise of stable electricity by 2013 remains in the realm of mirage and fantasy because government has not shown the capacity to discipline recalcitrant agents that tend to thwart all efforts as well as the cartel that makes incredible fortunes from our collective misfortune. When our leaders begin to exhibit evidence of seriousness, things will begin to fall into place. For now, let’s continue to delude ourselves like the quintessential loquacious dog who can only bark but cannot bite. The issue of power is so central to our problems and it takes more than wishful thoughts to solve it. Thirteen years on, and trillion Naira investments down the drain, it is a big shame that we are where we are.
Rather than be penitent about this cruelty to mankind our leaders are warming up for another round of electoral malfeasance and disasters. It is obvious they can’t see anything wrong with the way they have mismanaged our lives and betrayed our trust. They have the temerity to insist on continuing the barstardisation of our nation because we seem to exist in the Dark Ages. No ruling party would survive 13 years in any modern world with the level of abysmal failure recorded by our own.
Unfortunately, the opposition parties have not given much cause for joy. If truth must be told, we must show ample proof to our people, especially the youths that we are much better than those we want to upstage and replace. Until we do that, we should not expect the electorate to abandon the devils they know for the angels they can’t see. We have a rare opportunity to cash in on the non-performance of the ruling government at the centre to form a broad coalition of more serious-minded people (I hate the word progressive in its present form) across party lines. It is obvious they won’t be saints in the first instance but we can manage to build something out of nothing through them. All our efforts to build a modern Nigeria will come to naught if we continue to have the snail speed administrators but fleet-footed looters we have at the moment in power. It is obvious they see no reason to be in a hurry when they can do nothing and still exercise their constitutional rights of running two terms whether they perform or not.
As I told Chief Bisi Akande, the National Chairman of ACN, two weeks ago, it is not an impossible mission. His party already controls most of the South West and part of the South South. The PDP States are shrinking. CPC is very popular with the talakawas of the North West in particular. The North Central is floating and waiting for the best suitor. The North East has been badly decimated by terrorism and needs peace that PDP does not seem able to guarantee. The South East is practically split down the middle. Therefore, the next election has become anybody’s game. President Goodluck Jonathan has more powerful enemies within PDP than outside it. I have no doubt that it is not going to be a smooth-sail like before.
The opposition can take PDP on by poaching some of its powerful guns. I predict a winning combination of Aminu Tambuwal, the Honourable Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives and Babatunde Fashola, the Governor of Lagos State, in no particular order. The House of Representatives has the largest spread of middle-class politicians nationwide. This gives the popular Speaker a chance to spread his wings everywhere. He comes from the Caliphate and his affable attitude has helped him to build bridges across the country. He emerged against all principles of zoning to become the Speaker against all odds. The President and his acolytes could do nothing to stop his glorious ascendancy and his date with destiny.
Lagos State is a microcosm of Nigeria. It is the heartbeat of commerce and entertainment. Lagos alone controls more than ten percent of the fortunes of Nigeria. The Governor of Lagos is a mini-President in his own right. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed of Tinubu was able to run Lagos even when the Obasanjo-led Federal Government illegally stopped all subventions to Lagos. By the end of his tenure, Governor Fashola would have activated one of the most modern systems of government in Africa. I’m under no illusion that it must of necessity come with a heavy price.
It is in nature of change to cause a lot of discomfort. You can’t modernise without inconveniencing some people. And the victims are usually the poor. But after rain comes sunshine. We need many more brave men and women of Fashola’s ilk to build a modern Nigeria. Fashola and Tambuwal are only one of the possible configurations. There are several others that may emerge but not those being currently touted as sure banker. We cannot continue to live and cohabit in this animal farm like pigs. Only a new set of enlightened leaders can make this happen. Say what you will, some of these modernists exist in all parties but they must realign to achieve this tough goal.
Something tells me that other aspirants would have to bury their personal interests and ambition if Nigeria must enjoy a semblance of peace and progress. I’m confident to say that I’m not desperate for power but I’m desperate for change. Any leader who claims to love Nigeria must bury his ego for the sake of our children.
God bless Nigeria. God bless its people! Amen.

A bloody Friday

No fewer than four persons were feared dead yesterday and 10 others seriously injured in a road mishap that occurred on Abeokuta-Lagos road in Onihale village in Ifo local government area of Ogun State.
The tragic incident according to eyewitness, involved a Lagos-bound bus with registration number LA XY178 LSR which lost control and somersaulted while coming from Abeokuta.
The source disclosed that, the driver and the conductor of bus and two others died on the spot, while others were inflicted with various degrees of injuries.
He added that the survivors have been taken to an undisclosed hospital in the area.
The Itori Sector Commander of Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, Mr. Fatai Bakare who confirmed the bloody incident said the bus was conveying 14 passengers before the accident occurred.
Bakare said the bus was coming from Abeokuta but later skidded off the road and then somersaulted severally.
He said that out of the 14 passengers, four male have been confirmed dead, while the remaining 10 sustained varied injuries and were rushed to the Ota general hospital immediately.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Looking For That Look For A wedding Or Party!.. Here are some Mixups.

Symptoms and Causes of Tummy Bloating

There are different types of tummy bloating for different people; to some it is Belching excessively, while to some it feels like their stomach is distended; this type may sometimes be accompanied with constipation. And there are others whose bloating is an appearance thing, the  tummy is flat when they wake up in the morning and looks pregnant later in the day. or the belly protrusion that persists despite weight loss.

Here are some of the Causes of Tummy Bloating:-

1. Carbohydrate Trigger: With this type of bloating you feel fine after the breakfast, but starts within an hour of lunch the stomach swells to the point where pants and belts need to be loosened. It is only relieved in the morning.
This type of bloating is caused by ingesting certain types of sugar (lactose or Fructose), Sugar alcohol, dietary fibres. Resistant starches found in Beans can help patients avoid food triggers.

2. Constipation: If you have difficulty when you want to poop, it is because the normal intestinal gas gets trappe behind slow moving poop and builds up as a result.
The way to eliminating this belly bloat is a very gradual increase in dietary fiber too much additional fiber too quickly can make the bloating worse, so the key is to ramp up slowly. Focus on insoluble fiber from bran, seeds and Fruit and Vegetables.

3. Undiagnosed Celiac Disease: A celiac related bloated belly can take some time to deflate-up to a day or two after eating the trigger food. Celiac related bloating may also be accompanied by foul smelling Flatulence and diarhea, though it is not unheard of to endure constipation instead. A simple blood test would confirm further diagnostic testing is warranted.

4. Acid Reflux or Dyspepsia: This type of bloating is especially bad when someone eats a big raw salad on an empty stomach; There's just something about dumping all roughage on an acid-prone tummy that seems to churn up unpleasantness with regard to (non-acid) dyspepsia, smaller lower-fat meals are generally better tolerated and a glass of seltzer works.
Fizzy drinks can induce belching, which helps relieve the pressure from gas build up in he stomach. carbonated water is more effective than tap water in easing symptoms of indigestion.

5. Excess Tummy Fat: If an otherwise thin person complains of bloating but denies constipation, discomfort, or excess flatulence, he or she may be carrying extra tummy fat. There are several reasons this can happen. Cigarette smoking can influence where fat is deposited, and it tends to favor the tummy. Chronic alcohol intake also favors fat deposition in the abdominal area—more so in men, but to a lesser degree in women, too. This has to do with an increase in the enzyme system designed to metabolize substantial alcohol intake; these enzymes are concentrated in the abdominal area and convert alcohol into storage-ready fats known as triglycerides. While beer has a reputation of being more likely to produce this type of effect—hence the term, "beer gut"—excess intake of any alcohol is equally likely to induce this phenomenon.
In some cases, natural body type can be a factor. Among women, so-called "apple shapes" are much more likely than "pear shapes" to retain fat in the midsection. This is, unfortunately, Mother Nature's mysterious plan for you. The best way to address this is overall weight loss from whatever diet plan works best for you.

Conclusion:- If belly bloat plagues you, consider whether any of the descriptions above fit your brand of bloating. Then, keep a written journal for one to two weeks that details foods eaten, symptoms experienced, and bowel movements passed (including times of day for everything noted)

Oyo State Gov's Daughter In Mu*der Scandal!...

Click for Full Image Size The daughter of the executive governor of Oyo State, Alhaji Abiola Ajimobi, Bisola is at present enmeshed in an alleged murder controversy involving her ex-lover, Adeola Randoph who died early this year. And from family sources, it has taken this long to discover Bisola`s alleged involvement in the sudden death of this youngman because the Ajimobis were said to have allegedly been pressing buttons to sweep the case under the carpet.

This office gathered reliably that, Bisola now a married woman was said to have sneaked into the flat of her ex-lover without the consent of her husband the previous night to his death, although, the deceased was asthmatic, sources including the gateman at the Magodo home of the amiable young man disclosed that, Bisola sneaked in the evening and left in the wee hours of the fateful day, only to discover that, the man, Adeola gave up the ghost the second morning after the strange visit.

Unconfirmed report has it that the daughter of the Oyo state Governor Gov Ajimobi, Bisola though now married to the son of respected Nigerian businessman, Chief  Kola Daisi, Kolapo has some explanation to make concerning the death of Adeola Randolph her ex lover who died in a mysterious way on the wee hours of 7th of Febuary 2012.

Though there are rumours that the deceased, a staff of a company based in Abuja called-PetroEnergy and graduated from the Coventry University in the UK had an attack at home in the early hours of the fateful day and was rushed to the hospital where he later gave up the ghost, some have said Governor Ajimobi’s daughter and Personal Assistant might have some explanations to make.

The pretty mother of one according to family sources was said to be the last person with the deceased as she allegedly sneaked into the country from the UK to Adeola’s Magodo home on the 6th of Febuary 2012 a night before the deceased passed on though she didn’t spend the night there.

Adeola and Bisola we authoritatively scooped lovers known to families and friends until the relationship crashed due to accusations of infidelity on both parties especially Bisola and other issues before she later got married to Chief Kola Daisi`s son in an elaborate wedding on the 5th of November 2010 in Ibadan.

The late Adeola, a popular student of the Atlantic Hall, Ikoyi who just acquired a Range Rover SUV and Bisola were said to still be in love as they secretly rekindled their affair from ordinary to seeing each other secretly. This explained the reason Adeola invited Bisola over, though they both agreed to be extra careful and thus her reason for leaving his place that night, those who were aware of his health conditions vowed that, Adeola was hale and hearty on that night and also had enough inhalers to attend to himself.

Lagos State suspends restriction for tomorrow’s sanitation exercise

Lagos State government has suspended the order restricting movement of people during the November monthly Environmental Sanitation exercise stated for tomorrow, Saturday, November 24, 2012.
According to Commissioner for the Environment, Tunji Bello, the suspension was to allow easy movement for students and invigilators, who will write and supervise the state-wide Senior Secondary School Examination across the nation, with no exception to Lagos State.
He added that it was also to ensure hitch-free movement of examination materials to examination centres.
Bello, therefore, urged everyone to observe the environmental sanitation day exercise, by ensuring the cleaning of their immediate environment, frontage drains and bag their refuse properly, in spite of the lift on the order restricting movement.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

UNIBUJA Students Being Assaulted By Soldiers

Students of unibuja had been Protesting against the schools inability to secure accreditation of cetain courses like engineering, The protest led the university management to direct all students to vacate their Hostels on or before 6am Wednesday.

A Source told me that soldiers were reportedly invited to the institution by the university chancellor,  James Adelabu.

Students complained that soldiers invaded their hostels at the two campuses and chased students with Rifles and Sticks asking them leave the hostels.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Kim Kardashian Goes on a Date With a Marshal

Kim Kardashian attends the Marine Corps. Ball with Sgt. Martin Gardner in Greenville, N.C. on November 15, 2012. Kim wore a stunning Roland Mouret red dress and stayed for dinner before leaving solo and heading back to her hotel.

Sgt. Martin Gardner, the man who was escorted to the Marine Corps Ball by Kim Kardashian says the reality TV star was his “only choice” when it came to picking a date for the Nov. 15 event in Greenville, North Carolina.
“Kim was my only choice,” Gardner said. “I love her show. She always turns a negative into a positive, and I respect all that she’s done.”
The idea to bring Kardashian to the Ball was first concocted by Gardner, who says he contacted her publicist earlier this year on a whim.
“I needed to somehow prove to myself that anything is possible,” he said.

“I left on deployment in June for a humanitarian mission in Guatemala, and in September I got an email that Kim was going to come,” he added. “I couldn’t believe [she] showed up.”

Kardashian made a splash when she arrived to the 10th annual Ball in a hip-hugging red dress, and earned major point from Gardner for sticking around throughout the night. “She’s such a cool person,” he said of Kardashian. ”And despite what reports said, Kim was there the entire time — through the ceremony, guest speaker and dinner. And any Marine who asked for a photo, she did it.”
At the event, Gardner said the conversation he had with Kardashian was effortless

“We talked about everything from our personal lives to our professional lives,” he said. “Talking with her was like talking to one of my friends. She was so cool and laid back.” What did Kardashian reveal to him?
“We talked about her and [boyfriend] Kanye [West]. She really loves that guy,” he said. “She said people think he’s an a-hole, but he’s a really sweet guy. She feels very protected and safe around him.”
“She also really loves her family and [nephew] Mason.”

Monday, 19 November 2012

Nicki Minaj signs in a Nigerian Artiste to Her record Label

American hiphop artiste, Nicki Minaj has signed a Nigerian artiste and producer, Parker Ighile.
Parker produced and featured on a track titled ‘hell yeah’ for the ‘barbie’ rapper, that would possibly feature Lil Wayne. Parker Ibrahim Ighile is based in London but born to Nigerian parents – father from Benin and hausa mother from Kaduna. At the age of 17, he produced his first UK Platinum hit on Chipmunk’s first single and he has since produced songs for Jessie J and Angel.

5 Tips to Stay Fit Without Going To The Gym

Free Copyright Picture of Bicycle Riders

Here in Nigeria, Abuja to be Precise most of us don't exercise in any way neither do we visit the gym, Even for those who have membership cards to Local Gym they don't visit the gym frequently or as often as they should. Most people who work in banks or private offices have to wake up early to be at the office on or before 7am, once they step-out of their houses they just hop into their cars or hail cabs right in-front of their doorsteps, for those who live in remote areas they climb bikes, No one ever gets to take a walk to the bus-stop. And here in Abuja most offices has its own parking space, so u don't have to take long walks to get to your office. In the long run we don't engage in any form of exercise through out the week, cos we dont have the habit of walking or exercising at the gym. Whatever your excuse, the good news is you never really have to look much farther than your home, backyard parks around your house or even your offfice to stay fit.
Here are some useful tips to help you stay Fit

1. Use your body:- the number one tool you need for any workout is your body.You can  do exercises like Squats and situps , that use your body weight. and for those who live or work in Buildings with stairs you shoulkd work or run up four flights of stairs five times, and walk down the stairs slowly and gently to save your knees. To ramp up the workouts jog in a place or jump before heading back up.

2. Make some small investments:- Get yourself some dumbbells, jump rope or Yoga /Exercise DVD's.

3. Set your Alarm:- If your job requires you to sit at your desk all day(like our Bankers) set an alarm reminding you to move for at least 5-10minuites each hour. You can take a short walk outside, climb some stairs or get up and stretch. these timed breaks will not only give you energy but help you feel more productive through out the day, but they can protect you against some of the possible side effects of prolonged sitting; like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and even death.

4. Walk and Talk:- Instead of meeting friends for the usual lunch break or after work drinks at bars, why not  share a mid-day or after work walk a few moderate 10 minutes walk through out the work day can burn calories, lift your mood, energize you and give you quality time with friends.

5. Notice opportunities for Movements:- its important to keep your head focused on purposeful movement. use all that you do in your day as exercise. Park you car farther away from your office or destination, take the stairs instead of elevators, walk or ride a bicycle whenever possible and put somebody power behind your cleaning chores, go out and play with your kids.

300 Nigerians have been Deported From Botswana fewer than 300 Nigerians living in the Republic of Botswana have been deported home by Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama’s administration in the past few months, after the authorities refused to renew their permits.

Former Special Advicer To The Governor Of Lagos State Has Been Assasinated!

Click for Full Image Size Governor Fashola of Lagos states Ex-Special Advicer on Health, Dr Toyin Amzat was yesterday assassinated on Sunday evening by unknown gunmen along sagamu express-way in Ogun state. It was gathered that the former SA on Health to the Lagos state Governor was on his way to his country home to attend the former Governor of Lagos state Asiwaju Bola Tinubu's Chieftain Ceremony which should be taking place today in Abeokuta, Before he was shot dead in the head by unknown gunmen. He was confirmed dead Last night.  

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Lloyd Toku Mike, One of the Aluu 4 Victims is laid to Rest

Although it’s been several weeks since the murder of four students of University of Port Harcourt by a mob in Aluu community, the sad memory of their death is still fresh in our minds.
Yesterday in Port Harcourt, one of the victims, Lloyd Toku Mike  was laid to rest in a ceremony laden with emotions.
The bereaved parents told journalists at the Township Stadium in the old Port Harcourt, that the only thing that could assuage them is that “justice should not only be done, but must be seen to be done”.
They commended the Police on the arrest of suspects in the killing of their son and his friends but added that more suspects are still at large. With deep, emotional words, they expressed how they felt since their son’s passing.
Toku’s father said he still feels the presence of his late son around the house. “I still remember him holding his mother by her shoulders assuring her that the future would be bright for the family by the time he finishes his University education and make inroads into his musical career. All that dreams have been brought to an abrupt end.
Toku’s mother expressed what she called “inner joy that the evil labels of being thieves and cultists put around her son and his friends were cleared by the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammad Abubakar, who exonerated the innocent persons murdered when they went to recover debt from somebody who promised one of them accommodation, but wickedly raised alarm alleging they were thieves.”
We sympathize with the family and friends of Lloyd Toku Mike at this difficult time and we pray his soul will Rest In Peace.

Time to Build A Modern Nigeria (3)- By Dele Momodu

0101dele-momodu-backpagex.jpg-.jpg - 0101dele-momodu-backpagex.jpg-.jpg
By Dele Momodu
Fellow Nigerians, the time has come to confront the biggest ailment afflicting Nigeria, and Nigerians, head on. Let me start with my thesis on the recurring decimal of corruption in our beloved country. Corruption is too tempting, irresistible, and ultimately inevitable in a country where citizens have to produce or provide virtually everything they should take for granted. I would love to see any Nigerian who lives strictly on his salary cast the first stone against the so-called corrupt elements in good conscience. It baffles me when Nigerians reduce the scandalous preponderance of corruption to exclusive preserve of political leaders and perhaps civil servants. I make bold to say that our situation is far worse than that.

I will attempt to define and describe the different kinds of corruption we are enmeshed in as vividly as possible. Let’s begin with our political leaders starting from the very top. The President of Nigeria is probably one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, political figures, on earth. He controls the power of life and death and is practically accountable to no one. I’m not even sure God can control him. He lives like the proverbial Lord of the Manor, a veritable warlord, a Deity who has the power to turn night into day and man into woman. He has the monstrous ability to transform a certified and certificated pauper into a billionaire within the twinkle of an eye and keep a straight poker face as if nothing happened. When a man controls such humongous influence he’s most definitely prone to abuse of power and unbridled corruption.

The President of Nigeria does not ever have to touch or spend his salary. That salary only exists on paper and mostly in the figment of our imagination. His kitchen budget and entertainment allowance yearly would create over a thousand fresh millionaires. That is the truth. His fleet of exotic cars is the longest in the world, and it comprises of grade A bullet proof and anti-ballistic fortifications. Many of the cars in the President’s entourage sometimes travel empty. I once counted almost 100 vehicles on the entourage of the First Lady.

Let me jog my memory and titillate you by trying to recollect the government agencies I witnessed trying to out-do themselves in the service of Her Majesty. I saw members of the Nigeria Police Force, the anti-riot squad, the State Security Service, fully-kitted soldiers, FRSC, anti-bomb squad, an ambulance unit, LASTMA, etcetera, all in the service of one soul. I have been to a few countries in the world, nothing compares to our own paraphernalia of office. We are way over the limit. There is no corruption worse than depriving fellow citizens of their minimum comfort because the leader has appropriated all for himself, his family and cronies. Nothing angers me more than seeing how the President of a nation of chronic sufferers not only shuts down the city but also the airspace everywhere he goes. A popular leader should be comfortable enough among his people and certainly more so in the air. He should cultivate and enjoy their endless love. And Nigerians are not even demanding. They’ve been used to seeing leaders do nothing that they’ll be ready to hero-worship the man who tries to scratch the surface of our dire needs.

No President of Nigeria ever wants to quit power voluntarily. As such, he needs loads of cash to keep himself in power for at least two possible terms. The kind of money required can only emanate from the forest of a thousand demons and are surely, as night follows day, must come from the proceeds of fraud and corruption. Therefore, we don’t need to look too far when fuel subsidy claims suddenly quadruple in an election year. Some of those reckless bills inadvertently paid for the fresh air sold to Nigerians at a premium. If we are sincere and dig very deep, we shall discover that it was impossible to have funded that campaign without resorting to some form of self-help. And we must not forget too that the security vote is never revealed in the public domain.

Contracts are usually awarded as patronage. In most cases, they don’t have to be executed because the culprits are usually connected in high places and not punishable under any law. A leader who wants to win a re-election can’t afford to take on his traditional as well as potential funders. He’s thus compelled not to see or punish any evil. Forget the circus and overhyped drama of arresting, detaining, arraigning and bailing a few dramatis personae, from time to time, to assuage those ready to be fooled, that government is doing something about corruption.

The charade is elaborate and so many layers of abracadabra are engaged. If you must misappropriate government funds in Nigeria, you must ensure you steal more than enough. Some of it will go into instructing the best lawyers money can afford, certainly some senior advocates with requisite experience and pedigree. The prosecutors in the police and invariably the Ministry of justice must be involved. You cannot ignore some smart officers in the courts who possess the talismanic powers of making files disappear and reappear. The seemingly incorruptible judge can always be reached through close friends and family who would be quick to remind him that Nigeria is not his father’s property. And when in Rome, you must learn to behave like, and even act better than, the Romans. They would quote copiously from the long litany of woes that befell recalcitrant Nigerian judges in Nigeria’s chequered history.

This odoriferous scenario can be replicated all the way down in various degrees. It is in the nature of man to copy and regurgitate bad habits. That’s why the first major step towards attacking and defeating corruption must start from the very top. If the head is good, it will affect the whole body. The body language of the numero uno sends a powerful signal to other contiguous organs. Until we find such a leader who’s not pre-occupied with self-preservation and personal aggrandisement we should never hope to reduce or terminate the cancer of corruption in Nigeria. It will always go into hibernating remission and rear its ugly head with vengeful vigour like it did under the Obasanjo administration.

How then can we tackle the menace and mendacity of corruption in Nigeria in order to build a modern and viable nation? It is very simple and complex because there is only one snag. The leader who wants to fight corruption must be ready for everything and anything. He must be willing and ready to step on elephantine toes and rupture a few nerves. He must be selfless because a man asking others to fast must never be caught eating breakfast and lunch. From the day he reads the riot act, he must be ready for the ultimate sacrifice. You must never scorch the snake of corruption, you must kill it. A half-dead snake is always more desperate and deadly. It would unleash its entire venom on the unwary assailant. That is the character of corruption. The determination of the leader is the first armour and protection he needs.

The leader must be ready to advise his friends to sin no more. He must negotiate with them to relinquish most of the proceeds of crime and corruption traceable to them in order to escape prosecution and absolute disgrace. This would save the State some time and resources that would have been expended on extensive and expensive litigation. I totally support plea bargaining in most cases of genuine remorse and substantial reparation. It is simply impossible for a civilian government to spend all its time and energy on prosecuting what may turn out to be a wasteful extravaganza. This is why I always disagree with those feeling nostalgic about the ‘war against indiscipline’ and asking for the return of the army Generals. They fail to understand that times have changed since those days of jack-boots.

The new way to fight corruption is to be systematic and scientific, resourceful and dynamic. It requires a meticulous and psychological understanding of the motive behind, and the reward for, corruption.  The first attraction to corruption is the fact that most Nigerians cannot survive on their personal income. The second is the general poverty staring us in the face. A poor man is always hungry and would grab at the slightest available opportunity to kill his hunger. Most people who go into politics in Nigeria often go in as poor as church rats before being overwhelmed by the greed factor when they see the exchequer readily available for plundering with no sentry guarding the loot. That over-bloated greed is what has turned even the few otherwise intelligent men and women into gluttonous pigs who steal what they won’t need in several lifetimes to come.

When government lives up to its responsibilities by providing the basic necessities of life it would ease the pressure and pain of having to constitute ourselves into mini-governments. We must provide an enabling environment for entrepreneurship to thrive. Most Nigerians still live under the illusion that government would one day create enough jobs for our army of unemployed youths but that is a delusion of grandeur. The days of white collar jobs are gone and there is no labour office able to secure jobs for most school leavers. The earlier many of our graduates begin to dream big and see themselves as potential employers of labour the better for all of us. We must redeem our education and thus our youths by investing seriously in the well-being of their teachers.

The solution to that is for our banks to move from petty trading to providing the core banking services of soft loans and long term credit to credible ventures. Those with permanent jobs should also be able to access mortgages and car loans. Indigent but brilliant students should be able to enjoy scholarships and education loans. Inventors must be encouraged with special grants. Let no one tell me Nigeria cannot afford these things. All it takes is for our leaders to tighten their belts and reduce the money they fritter on themselves and useless enjoyment or hide in unimaginable receptacles and foreign shores. 

We must employ the best brains and characters in the Nigerian police. A police force that is largely populated and polluted by illiterates and the dregs of society would never be able to fight crime and corruption. Intelligence gathering would go a long way in helping us to tackle the issue of violent crimes and terrorism.  In the era of information technology, we must invest heavily in communications gadgets for our Law officers and enforcers.    More often than not, criminals are able to escape because our police have no means of communicating with their counterparts at duty posts. The world has moved beyond this backwardness.  The atrocious sums we spend on buying unnecessary lethal weapons can be invested in communications.

We have the chance of upgrading our armed forces once and for all by taking advantage of recruiting some of the brightest brains roaming our streets. Our defence budgets should be judiciously used to empower our men and women instead of disbursing it to some irresponsible contractors. The environment they live must be of paramount concern to us in this modern time. The barracks and their offices must be sparkling clean and fully computerised with access to Wi-Fi. They must be up-to-date with events around the world and be knowledgeable in the art and science of modern warfare and espionage in particular.

Our judiciary must be comprehensively overhauled. Our magistrates and judges are too poorly paid to perform their duties to maximum productivity and satisfaction. In modern societies, the judiciary is seen as the last hope of the common man and treated with utmost respect and reverence.  They are always among the best paid so as to minimise unholy temptations. Our courtrooms are scruffy and stuffy. We need to make them more conducive and comfortable. Our courts should be availed with Dictaphones and transcribers. This would make life easier for our judges and other court staff and reduce the time and agony of upholding and enforcing law and seeking justice in our country.  Once we have upright judges we can begin to feel that we may after all rid ourselves of the scourge of corruption which threatens to be our Armageddon.