Friday, 30 November 2012

Help! I'm in Love With my husbands Sister....

My Name is Blessing, i have been married to Husband since 2008 and we are blessed with a son who would be turning 2 soon. My hubby is a business man, and travels abroad to buy the goods he sells in Idumota Market here in Lagos.

My affair with his sister started in 2010, 2years into my marriage, She comes to the house to help me out with the chores and take care of my baby, whenever her brother is out of town. I'm a few months older than she is, that has made us even closer because we get to talk about anything to everything. She gist's me about all her sexual escapades and experiences.

On this this faithful Friday we were home as usual gisting then she brought up a topic about her experience with lesbians in the hostel and how they make advances towards her. i got so interested in this gist that i started asking her questions about what they do (since i have never had the experience before) then she told me she was going to demonstrate it on my body. so i told her i didn't mind that was how she started fondling with my breast and kissing me. Now my problem is we have gotten so used to each other and because we spend time together i'm falling in love with her what do i do? how do i confront my husband. i just want her, i don't have the same feelings i used to have for my husband i think my feeling for him has depreciated. Please Help Me! 

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Anonymous said...

First of all, are you sure she wants a relationship with you(i say this because all of her sexual "experiences") becUse it could be lack of time from your husband that's confusing you.. are you willing to loose your marriage not knowing if she really wants to spend a life with you, if so, do it.. but start slow, I mean telling your husband you dont feel the same about the marriage, then talking about divorce and finally after divorce telling him you're in love with hus sister.. I know the sound of t escalated too quickly but you know what I mean!