Wednesday, 3 October 2012

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The Gist i heard was, that Olu is gradually getting fond of Mocheddah, who we learnt he has once vowed to some friends to go down low with. The report we monitored has it that both Olu and Mochedda are presently planning to do a duet together.

Our source said that Natalie is not too aware of this development (romance between Olu and the singer) as she is always been told by Olu and his friends that Mochedda is just a colleague. They were said to have always try to cover up for Olu whenever she suspects anything near that.

Recall that Natalie has not hidden her love for Olu. After featuring in Olu's music video 'Nawti', she openly agreed that Olu is a sweetheart. This was in one of her interviews.

Olu has also not hidden his love for women. He most times loves to be around them. His last hit song, 'Nawti', according to him, was made for the women.

Mochedda has severally been linked with more than one celebrities. She reportedly dated one of the Skunki brothers. She was also involved in a nude picture scandal with Eldee. Recently, she was reported to be in a hot romance with one oil and gas big boy prince.

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