Over the weekend the news of the four students ofUniversity of Port Harcourt murdered in Aluu Community of Rivers State Nigeria on Friday, has been the most talked about. The heartbreaking video of the barbaric act has widely spread across the nation and in diaspora.
Different stories as to what actually led to their murder are circulating and the real truth is yet to be known. Whether they were cultists, or robbers, the act was not only demonic but the violation of human rights, nobody is guilty until proven to be so. If the ordinary men in a little village of Aluu can do this, how then are we different from the Boko Harams?. According to reports, the Rivers State Police command have arrested some suspects including the Community Chief.
Also according to reports this morning, the villagers are said to be fleeing from the community as some students plot attack to avenge the deaths of Ugonna, Llyod, Tekana and Chidiaka. Is this really what we should be doing?. We don’t support violent and we don’t believe in “Revenge by Shedding of Blood”. If this attack goes ahead, consider the innocent women, children and some men that were not part of this horrible act. I guaranty that if we go by violence, we can only end up in shedding more innocent souls and not even able to apprehend the real culprits.
We all have done well with the publicity, but the truth is, we owe them more than just the publicity. And that’s the reason we have organized a “5minutes” Prayer around the globe for the souls of Ugonna, Llyod, Tekana, and Chidiaka.
@ 3pm we are praying that God will forgive their sins and grant them eternal rest, and deliver their souls from the agony of this horrible death. Secondly, that through the most peaceable and acceptable way, that justice be achieved for the deaths of these four. Anywhere you are, at the office, school, at home, or on the go, please once is 3pm start praying. You can pray alone or gather in small groups as the case may be.