Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Lady Gaga Responds To The Pope's Opinion On Gay Marriage.

The pop star is slamming Pope Benedict XVI’s stance on gay marriage, declaring that his conviction on the religious-charged matter of homosexuality “does not matter.”
The comment comes after the pope spoke out on the matter on Friday. According to The Sun, he told French bishops: “Marriage and the family are institutions that must be promoted and defended from every possible misrepresentation of their true nature, since whatever is injurious to them is injurious to society itself.”

What did Gaga say to that?
“What the Pope thinks of being gay does not matter to the world,” the chart-topping singing said on French radio station Europe 1, according to The Sun. ”It matters to the people who like the Pope and follow the Pope. It is not a reflection of all religious people.”
And the outspoken, open-minded Gaga — a longtime gay-rights activist — was quick to defend same-sex couples’ right to wed.
 It seems to me that gay marriage is something that is going to happen and it must happen,” she explained. “We are not equal and we will be only if we allow everyone to love freely.”
“This is not what Christians believe, those who believe in something, that have a religion,” she clarified. “It is the point of view of one person.”

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