Thursday, 6 September 2012

Your Guide To A Healthy Self Confidence

Self  Confidence  is  the  difference  between  feeling  unstoppable  and  feeling  scared  out  of your  wits.  Your  Perception  of  yourself  has  an  enormous  impact  on  how  others perceive  you.

To Build Your Confidence You Would Need To :-

Dress Smartly:- Although  clothes  don't  make  a person,  they  certainly  affect  the  way you  feel  about  yourself.  No  one  is  more  conscious  of  your  physical  appearance  than you  are.  When  you  don't  look  good  you  don't  feel  good,  it  changes  the  way  you  carry yourself  and  interact  with  other  people.  Try  as  much  as  possible  to  take  your  bathe twice  a  day  and  first  thing  in  the  morning  before  you're  seen  by  anybody,  shave frequently,  wear  clean  clothes  and  be  up-to-date  with  the  fashion  trends.  (But be cautious with your spending).

Walk Faster:- You  can  tell  how  a  person  feels  about  himself/herself  from  the  way they  walk.  If  its  Slow,  Tired,  Painful  or  Energetic  and  Purposeful.  People  with confidence  walk  quickly.  They  have  places  to  go,  people  to  see  and  important  work  to do.  Walking  faster  would  make  you  look  and  feel  important.

Good Posture:- The  way  a  person  carries  herself  tells  a lot  about  you.  People  with  Slumped  shoulders  and  Lethargic  movements  display  a  lack  of  self  confidence,  They  are  not  enthusiastic  and   don't  consider  themselves important,  By practising  good posture  you  will  automatically  feel  more  confident.  Stand  up  straight,  keep  your head  up  and  make  eye  contact.

Personal Commercial:- One  of  the  best  ways  to  build  your  confidence  is  listening  to  a  motivational  speech.  Write  a  350  words  article  that  highlights  your  strengths  and     
goals.  Then  recite  it  in  front  of  the  mirror  aloud,  whenever  you  need  a  confidence  boost. 

Gratitude:- When  you  focus  too  much  on  what  you  want,  the  mind  creates  reasons why  you  can’t  have  it.  This  leads  you  to  dwell  on  your  weaknesses.  The  best  way  to avoid  this  is  consciously  focusing  on  gratitude.  Set  aside  time  each  day  to  mentally  list  everything  you  have  to  be  grateful  for.  Recall  your  past  successes,  unique  skills, loving  relationships,  and  positive  momentum.  You’ll  be  amazed  how  much  you  have going  for  you  and  motivated  to  take  that  next  step  towards  success.

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