Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Unemployment Can Increase the Risk Of A Heart Attack!

So many Young men and Women between the ages of 25-50are at a high risk of having a heart attack, because of the high Unemployment rate we have here in Nigeria, and a Lot of People have lost their Jobs in one way or another, a typical example is with the way Banks just lay off their staff without warnings.

I have heard of two young people in their late 20's who have suffered minor strokes and a young woman who suffered a heart attack.

Whether you are unemployed or not, you need to stop smoking, eat right and exercise daily or a few times a week, Maintaining a healthy weight is very essential.

And if you have lost your job try to limit stress, and reduce the way you think about your situation of being unemployed; You may not be to change your situation at the moment but you can control the way you think about it and that would affect your Healths outcome.

We can not take this vital organ for granted, as no one is immune to heart disease, But the heart disease is very preventable.

Take Note of these Preventable Measures:-

1. Cultivate a Positive attitude:- Try to take your mind off thinking too much by listening to music, or writing or taking a walk, going swimming etc look for something that would interest you and get involved in it.

2. Create a healthy eating schedule:- skipping meals is never a good idea, Get intothe habit of eating three meals per day with snacks, Eating  every 3-5 hours can help you keep your appetite controlled.

3. Brighten Your Plate Naturally:- The foundation of every meal should be fruits and Veggies. They are high in fibre to help fill you up, but they're not high in Calories.

Think Less And Play More; And You'll Find out more about Yourself and what you really need to do to make a living.

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