Monday, 19 November 2012

5 Tips to Stay Fit Without Going To The Gym

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Here in Nigeria, Abuja to be Precise most of us don't exercise in any way neither do we visit the gym, Even for those who have membership cards to Local Gym they don't visit the gym frequently or as often as they should. Most people who work in banks or private offices have to wake up early to be at the office on or before 7am, once they step-out of their houses they just hop into their cars or hail cabs right in-front of their doorsteps, for those who live in remote areas they climb bikes, No one ever gets to take a walk to the bus-stop. And here in Abuja most offices has its own parking space, so u don't have to take long walks to get to your office. In the long run we don't engage in any form of exercise through out the week, cos we dont have the habit of walking or exercising at the gym. Whatever your excuse, the good news is you never really have to look much farther than your home, backyard parks around your house or even your offfice to stay fit.
Here are some useful tips to help you stay Fit

1. Use your body:- the number one tool you need for any workout is your body.You can  do exercises like Squats and situps , that use your body weight. and for those who live or work in Buildings with stairs you shoulkd work or run up four flights of stairs five times, and walk down the stairs slowly and gently to save your knees. To ramp up the workouts jog in a place or jump before heading back up.

2. Make some small investments:- Get yourself some dumbbells, jump rope or Yoga /Exercise DVD's.

3. Set your Alarm:- If your job requires you to sit at your desk all day(like our Bankers) set an alarm reminding you to move for at least 5-10minuites each hour. You can take a short walk outside, climb some stairs or get up and stretch. these timed breaks will not only give you energy but help you feel more productive through out the day, but they can protect you against some of the possible side effects of prolonged sitting; like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and even death.

4. Walk and Talk:- Instead of meeting friends for the usual lunch break or after work drinks at bars, why not  share a mid-day or after work walk a few moderate 10 minutes walk through out the work day can burn calories, lift your mood, energize you and give you quality time with friends.

5. Notice opportunities for Movements:- its important to keep your head focused on purposeful movement. use all that you do in your day as exercise. Park you car farther away from your office or destination, take the stairs instead of elevators, walk or ride a bicycle whenever possible and put somebody power behind your cleaning chores, go out and play with your kids.

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