Friday, 2 November 2012

How I got the Scar on my face...Iyanya

Click for Full Image Size Iyanya is one of the guys in showbiz world today who make things happen. The MTN Project fame winner who is rocking the city with her Kukere hit track has explained what growing up was like to him.

Though, he said the early to grave of his parents prepared him for the big task ahead, notwithstanding he said he came into entertainment world to create his own history.

First of all, the discipline I got from my parents and the karaoke session I was always going to sing as a staff prepared me for Project Fame, because it was there I got bolder, my voice got stronger, I wasn’t just singing songs, I was singing classical songs.

I was singing these old songs so it made my voice bolder. So by the time I came to Project Fame, if I had sang like 20 songs in Project Fame, I had been singing like 18 in the bar before. So, all I had to do was just to perfect it. I was browbeaten; some people would say I am singing to steal their girlfriends. I have a scar on my head, I got that when somebody used a chair on me. I slept at the bar basically everyday, where people smoked I slept there and I always came out reeking of cigarette, he explained.

He further said, ‘’definitely people will look down on you doing jobs like that, but this is the same people when I get back there, they have to beg to take pictures with me. The place is now a club, so when I go there, I don’t go as a staff, I go as a star.

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