Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Are Most Marriages Still Safe?

While a lot of people are anxious to find their soulmate and get married, and some others are getti ng married every weekend. Some Married few are getting divorced. And Some Crazy people are Killing Their spouses.

The Question Now becomes Are Marriages Still Safe?

A Woman Stabbed Her Husband To Death For Suspicions of Infidelity 

Editth Okoji w ho is a 24 year old nursing mum and also a mother of 3  from Ahoda- East in Rivers state.

Resides in Abakiliki with her family where she had a domestic fight with her deceased husband Mr onyenel Okoji over suspisions of infidelity.

According to police reports, she said her husband suspected her of cheating on him which lead to an argument between them, And She blamed the devil for pushing her into stabbing her husband to death.

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