Saturday, 24 November 2012

Competition is masculine while collaboration is feminine.

Some women say that we compete for men. A woman who says that is not feminine because women don't compete for men, but men compete for women.

This is because generally, it's the woman who does the choosing and the man who does the approaching. So the man wants to be better than all of her other options.

The feminine woman is simply receptive and gives each man a fair chance before judging and deciding that he is not worth her. The feminine woman does not compete with other women for men, but chooses the best man for her out of those who do compete for her.

It's the masculine male's job to compete with other men and it's our job to improve ourselves as best as we can while still staying true to ourselves so that we can attract the attention of the men we desire.

For the feminine woman, it's not about becoming better than other women to attract the best men. It's about becoming the best us we can be while also staying true to ourselves so that we can attract men of the most quality who want someone with our quirks.

Feminine women don't think about it as beating out other women and becoming prettier and smarter than they. Feminine women think about it as competing with themselves, becoming the best that they can be. Because the intelligent feminine woman knows that no matter how beautiful, feminine, and accomplished she may be, there will still be high-quality men who prefer a different flavor.

 So why compete with other women?

Compete with yourselves to become the best that you can be to get good masculine men competing for you.

Remember that masculine men compete while feminine women collaborate.

So while we're at it, improving ourself, lets share these tips and tricks with our girlfriends so that they too can inspire competition in the best males? Help our friends find love with a masculine partner as well. That's what the feminine woman does!

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