Wednesday, 28 November 2012

"You Are Not A Big Girl If You Are Not A Producer"...Nolly Wood Slogan!

Its no news that most of our Nollywood actresses are fast becoming movie producers which we understand is a trend in the industry.
      So if you are an actress, But not yet a producer Sorry! You are Not a "Big Girl.

Click for Full Image SizeWuraola Adeseha who is an actress and features in most Yoruba movies had this to say about the mentality our Nollywood actresses have.

She said that most up coming actresses, who hadn't even worked for a year or perfected their acting talent are already working towards becoming movie producers, barely 6months after getting into the movie industry.
 Most of these actresses already have a target of producing two or more movies in a year. They even go as far as sleeping with politicians or business Moguls to raise funds to produce movies. 

In Wuraola's words " Honestly i do not feel like being a producer now, but if you spend 2 years in the industry and you do not produce a movies people would start saying you are not progressing and that you are stagnant. That is what they do in this industry. You know the saying that goes if you can't beat them you join them. Since i am in the system and i do not want to be seen as one who is not progressing i have decided to join the train, since thats the only way the get to see you as a Big Girl".

A typical Example of Actresses Turned Producers are:-

Uche Jumbo
Nse Ikpe
Stella Damascus
Ini Edo
Rita Dominic

speaking of actresses turned producers, Rita dominic posted this on her time line on twitter;

Good morning tweeties... It's Silverbird Abuja today to sell some popcorn & tickets to The Meeting

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